Tara and I have recently discovered hashtags. I know, I know. They’ve been around for a few years now. We’re late to the party because neither of us really utilizes Twitter, where hashtags were born. If you’re unfamiliar with what they are, allow me to enlighten you. They aren’t something you order with bacon andContinue reading “#myhashtagisbetterthanyourhashtag”

My 618-Day Weekend

The past week was hectic as all get out. No wonder Tara and I nearly collapsed when Saturday evening rolled around and we finally got to kick our feet up and relax. In the span of seven days we had been camping, took a trip to Seattle, and spent a day wandering around the HawthorneContinue reading “My 618-Day Weekend”

The Day After

I hate the day after. The day after my girlfriend leaves. It means another wonderful visit has come and gone, and spells a return to a normal routine that no longer feels “normal” or “routine.” The realization that she was here less than twenty-four hours ago is hard to bear; it’s all still fresh, andContinue reading “The Day After”