An Umbrella Reversal

I have famously gone on record as being anti-umbrella. Living in the Pacific Northwest, using an umbrella is frowned upon by the locals. It’s just not “cool.” One of the surest ways Portlanders can identify people from out of town is when they’re walking in the rain carrying an umbrella. We even have a termContinue reading “An Umbrella Reversal”

Using an Umbrella, Portland Style

I’ve said many times that one of the rules to visiting Portland, or living in the Pacific Northwest, is that locals never use umbrellas. Apparently, I was wrong. Turns out we do use them. Just not in the conventional manner. Truth is, I wonder if this guy even knows how to work the thing. But at leastContinue reading “Using an Umbrella, Portland Style”

The Umbrella Clause

Last week, I chastised Tara for dashing through the rain. We were going out to eat at our favorite local Mexican restaurant, and when we arrived a light drizzle – really, nothing more than a gentle mist – was falling. Tara ran across the parking lot as if being chased by a pack of RepublicansContinue reading “The Umbrella Clause”

Mary Poppins I’m Not

Today I broke not one, but two cardinal rules of mine. First, I walked across the parking lot of my condominium complex carrying an umbrella. An open umbrella. Over my head!!  And if that wasn’t bad enough, it was a leopard print umbrella. Granted, it was pouring rain. Using an umbrella prevented me from getting drenched. But I’veContinue reading “Mary Poppins I’m Not”