Mary Poppins I’m Not

Today I broke not one, but two cardinal rules of mine. First, I walked across the parking lot of my condominium complex carrying an umbrella. An open umbrella. Over my head!!  And if that wasn’t bad enough, it was a leopard print umbrella. Granted, it was pouring rain. Using an umbrella prevented me from getting drenched. But I’veContinue reading “Mary Poppins I’m Not”


The Velveeta Verdict

There are several things in life I swore I’d never do. Shop at Walmart. Listen to country music. Go bungee jumping. Read a single page of any of the Twilight books. Buy Velveeta. So it is with great consternation that I must confess to committing a cardinal sin this weekend, and breaking one of my own hard-and-fastContinue reading “The Velveeta Verdict”