The Umbrella Clause

Last week, I chastised Tara for dashing through the rain. We were going out to eat at our favorite local Mexican restaurant, and when we arrived a light drizzle – really, nothing more than a gentle mist – was falling. Tara ran across the parking lot as if being chased by a pack of RepublicansContinue reading “The Umbrella Clause”

Rabbits, Goats and Chickens, Too

This is going to be the best Thanksgiving in years! Maybe ever. I have never been so excited for a holiday before. However, it will only be spectacular if I don’t… Float away. Blow away. Overdose from inhaling noxious pine-scented fumes. Stub my toe on a protruding corner of the kitchen counter and, while fallingContinue reading “Rabbits, Goats and Chickens, Too”

Getting My Griswold On – Day 4: Black Hills

Miles traveled today: 166.8 Total miles traveled: 1547.2 It’s Technically Not “Stealing” Since I Didn’t Pocket Anything I forgot to mention yesterday the one downside to my motel in Rapid City: a crappy wireless internet connection. For some reason I cannot log on through the Super 8 server, so I have to look for otherContinue reading “Getting My Griswold On – Day 4: Black Hills”

Thank You, Mother Nature

Thank you, Mother Nature. I gave you a hard time back in December. Called you a tease. But the slight was well-deserved, because time and again you tantalized we snow-lovers with promises of frosty, white beauty – only to snatch it all away. You rained on our parade, and I mean that literally (well, exceptContinue reading “Thank You, Mother Nature”