Passion and Poetry: Turning 500

WordPress has notified me that this is my 500th blog post. The fun and frivolity all began on December 16, 2009 with the following declaration: I have one goal in life: to publish a book before I die. Thankfully, I accomplished that goal within two years of penning (“typing”? “keyboarding”?) those words. Please don’t think I’mContinue reading “Passion and Poetry: Turning 500”

Ativan in Tijuana, and Other Enticements

I was going through my blog’s spam folder a few days ago, after being notified that comments from one of my readers weren’t showing up. Sure enough, they had somehow incorrectly been flagged as spam. (I should note that I am referring to junk email and not processed lunch meat. And dammit, now I’m hungry). This has happenedContinue reading “Ativan in Tijuana, and Other Enticements”

Tempting Fate With a Fork

On Monday, Tara came down with a cold. In retrospect, that’s not too surprising. Saturday, we spent several hours in a house chock full of little kids. I don’t even know how many there were. Eight? Ten? 100? It was a joint birthday party for Tara’s nephew and another kid, and turned out to beContinue reading “Tempting Fate With a Fork”

No Second Gunman on the Grassy Knoll

This morning, I read a post from a blogger who hadn’t updated in several months. She explained away her absence by admitting that she had fallen out of love with blogging because, in a nutshell, she found herself writing to please others instead of being true to herself. Once she amassed a following thanks toContinue reading “No Second Gunman on the Grassy Knoll”