Your Guide to PDX and Beyond

This blog doesn’t pretend to be the definitive guide to the Pacific Northwest.

(I won’t lie, though. It’d be cool if it were).

I write a lot about Portland and beyond. But digging through hundreds of posts to find out about the annual pickle festival can be tricky, so I’ve developed this page as a guide to finding the information you need, whether you’re a visitor to the Rose City or have lived here your entire life. Click on any of the hyperlinks below and you’ll be magically transported to a helpful, information-laden post. Ooh, technology!

Looking for a festival, event, or fun outing? Check out PDXcursions. I write about cool places to go and fun things to do, in and around town. Including that quirky little pickle festival.

Want a bite to eat or a cocktail to wash it down with? There are tons of great restaurants in Portland. Jump over to PDXEats to help narrow down your dinner (or breakfast or lunch or Happy Hour) choices.

Lists are fun, too. Ever wonder if those stereotypes about Portland that Fred and Carrie talk about on Portlandia are true? Or how to blend in with the locals on your next trip to the Pacific Northwest? Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it. (Think facial hair. And for crying out loud, leave the umbrella at home).

I’ll be adding a gallery specifically devoted to photos of Portland and the Pacific Northwest soon.

And for the “Beyond” portion of this guide, Seattle is pretty cool, too! It almost feels like a second home.

Because not everything makes it onto the blog, feel free to follow me on Yelp. Wordiness is a blessing (or a curse) and my reviews tend to be pretty in-depth.

I hope this helps! If you ever have questions about Portland or the Pacific Northwest, feel free to ask!

Portland skyline at night.
Portland skyline at night.

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