In This Corner: Team BerenstEin

Have you heard about this whole Berenstein/Berenstain Bears controversy? Earlier this week, a coworker asked if I was familiar with the popular series of children’s books that features a family of bears. Yes, I told her. Of course. I grew up with the books, and read them to my kids when they were young, as well.Continue reading “In This Corner: Team BerenstEin”

Peace, Love & Reincarnation

I’ve been watching a documentary series on CNN called The Sixties. It’s a ten-part look at the influence the 1960s had on American culture and society, with episodes devoted to topics such as the Cold War, JFK’s assassination, the Space Race, and Vietnam. It covers the gamut from television and politics to sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll.Continue reading “Peace, Love & Reincarnation”

So What?

Our closest star is a cruel and indiscriminate beast, inflicting its wrath upon my hapless skin with wild abandon. Guess who got a sunburn yesterday? Aside from that and an array of mosquito bites, my weekend was pretty stellar. Thursday night we went to the movies and saw Edge of Tomorrow. Think Groundhog Day meets Saving Private Ryan meets Alien. Neither of usContinue reading “So What?”

It Started With a Watermelon

Tara and I go grocery shopping pretty much every weekend. Usually, it’s an uneventful excursion. We pick up pasta and pork and peanuts, buy bananas and butter and bread, add apples and asparagus and artichokes, mix in milk and mayo and mustard, choose cherries and chicken and cheese. And then our cart is full, so we checkContinue reading “It Started With a Watermelon”