Instaglory is Fleeting

A few days ago, one of my Instagram photos was shared by a site with a kajillion followers. Well, 80.8K, to be exact. To be fair, I think the “K” actually refers to “thousand” but that’s a moot point anyway. It’s still a lot of people! Washingtonexplored reposted a photo of a train trestle IContinue reading “Instaglory is Fleeting”

A Feast for the Eyes

Lately, whenever we go out to eat, Tara cringes. Because it usually ends up being a party of three: me, her, and my camera. Like many people, I’m sort-of obsessed with photographing my food. This would probably be okay with my wife if I did so subtly – a quick snapshot with my phone, sayContinue reading “A Feast for the Eyes”

The Psychology of Being “Liked”

One of the fundamental traits of humanity is the need to be liked. We crave acceptance from our friends, peers, and loved ones. This isn’t egotism talking; it’s built into our DNA. For our long-ago ancestors, survival was a group effort – if you were banished from your tribe, you were pretty much issued aContinue reading “The Psychology of Being “Liked””

Right Brains Make Pretty Pictures

Tara bought a new camera a few weeks ago. A real one – that is to say, it’s not just built into her phone. Quite frankly, it’s turned her into a new person. She is suddenly taking fabulous photographs with vibrant colors and stunning detail. For instance… Shut up, right? Here’s another one. Suddenly, I’m feelingContinue reading “Right Brains Make Pretty Pictures”

Go Climb a Mountain

So last week, I climbed a mountain. Impressive achievement? I dunno. It wasn’t this mountain… It was this one. But I got a great view of the mountain I didn’t climb from the top of the mountain I did climb. And besides, a 1700′ elevation gain is nothing to sneeze at! The 90-minute hike was basicallyContinue reading “Go Climb a Mountain”

The Art of The Capture

What is your definition of a photograph? Is it the unadulterated image you snap through the lens of your camera, or your artistic interpretation of the scene? Do you believe you should present a picture As Is, warts and all, oversaturated and uncropped, or is it okay to touch it up with filters and photoContinue reading “The Art of The Capture”