My 618-Day Weekend

The past week was hectic as all get out. No wonder Tara and I nearly collapsed when Saturday evening rolled around and we finally got to kick our feet up and relax. In the span of seven days we had been camping, took a trip to Seattle, and spent a day wandering around the HawthorneContinue reading “My 618-Day Weekend”

I Killed The Elephant

20 months. 330 positions applied for. 19 interviews with 15 different companies. The statistics are staggering – and depressing. When I walked out the front door of my last employer on October 22, 2010 I never dreamed my unemployment stint would last so long. What was novel and actually sort of fun in the beginningContinue reading “I Killed The Elephant”

Something Doesn’t Add Up Here

Back in November, right after I started collecting unemployment, the state of Washington told me I had to go down to the local Work Source office and sit around a room for a couple of hours with other jobless people as part of an orientation. I said, at the time, that there’s nothing more depressingContinue reading “Something Doesn’t Add Up Here”

Money And Benefits? Eww.

I’ve put up a bunch of posts the past week, but haven’t really talked about anything. I could say I was busy playing with the various post formats, and sharing photos of volcanoes and British socialites, and recounting anecdotes about alcoholic beverages. All those things are true, but I also think I’ve been studiously avoidingContinue reading “Money And Benefits? Eww.”

Flutter By, Butterfly

Earlier this week, I had a job interview. I didn’t write about it before, because I am leery of jinxing myself. I wrote all about Groupon and that fell through, and then dished about┬ámy interview with my ex’s company. I prefer to keep these things on the down low now, just on the off chanceContinue reading “Flutter By, Butterfly”

Clarifying My Words

Saturday, I had my parents over for dinner. In an ode to my Hawaiian roots, I cooked up an island-inspired feast of kalua pork and chicken long rice. I even whipped up Mai Tai‘s to wash everything down with, and fired up my “Aloha Mix” on the iPod. I’m nothing if not detail oriented (although,Continue reading “Clarifying My Words”