I Want to Hold Your Hand

The bottom line is that yes, I do want to be with you. Let’s give it a shot and hope that we can make it work. Three years ago today, I received an email from Tara. I had asked her if she wanted to pursue a relationship with me the morning I left Ely afterContinue reading “I Want to Hold Your Hand”


5 Rules for Peaceful Cohabitation

One year ago today, I woke up to a living room that looked like this: Fortunately, it’s considerably less cluttered today: Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of Tara moving in. We were well aware of the date, and periodically throughout the day would recall where we were and what we were doing one year earlier.Continue reading “5 Rules for Peaceful Cohabitation”

I Hit The Jackpot

Last week, Tara committed one of those 21st-century gaffes that had us both reeling with laughter for the rest of the day. I was having issues with my phone, so as a test I sent her a text and asked her to respond. She did, but it never came through. Several minutes later her momContinue reading “I Hit The Jackpot”

Nipsey Has Left The Building

A couple of weeks ago, I learned that Nipsey Russell died. This tragic bit of news hit me hard. I loved Nipsey Russell! He was humorous and clever and self-deprecating, a mainstay on the game show circuit in the 1970s with his funny little (and often risqué) poems. Plus, he was a great comedian andContinue reading “Nipsey Has Left The Building”