Grin and Bear It

I had a dilemma this weekend. On the one hand, I have a well-documented fear of running into (okay, getting mauled by is closer to the truth) a bear someday when I’m out hiking. On the other hand, I have a deep respect and admiration for Leonardo DiCaprio. He’s probably my favorite actor. So, his newContinue reading “Grin and Bear It”

Oh Give Me a Home, Where Lots of Bears Roam

Ever since Tara moved in, we’ve been at (playful) odds over where we’d like to live. Not tomorrow, or next month…we’re going to be in the apartment for a few years, there’s no way around that. We’re talking in the long run, when we are able to buy a house together. Tara, being a small-town girlContinue reading “Oh Give Me a Home, Where Lots of Bears Roam”

Californians and Snow Don’t Mix

Sometimes, life’s little detours can land you in unexpected places. And once in a blue moon, a change in plans can save the day. This morning, Tara and I decided to drive up to Mount St. Helens. We’d been to Johnston Ridge last month, but decided to take the longer – and more scenic –Continue reading “Californians and Snow Don’t Mix”

Watermelon Sucks and 9 More Tidbits

A while ago, I was tagged by Jess Witkins to come up with 10 Random Facts about myself. Variations of this game have existed for years; in 2009 it was all the rage on Facebook. That being the case, you’d think I’d have this down pat. I even pulled up my FB list to seeContinue reading “Watermelon Sucks and 9 More Tidbits”