Path of Partiality

24 hours to go until the Great Eclipse, and I’m pretty excited! I’ve read some people grumbling about the hype and how they’re sick and tired of hearing about it, but I figure this is essentially a once-in-a-lifetime experience and will be one of the coolest things I’ll ever witness. I am all in. WeContinue reading “Path of Partiality”


NNWM/19: Daydrinking

Today was a good day. We met up with our friend Chris at McMenamin’s Grand Lodge in Forest Grove in the morning. It had been a few months since we last saw her, so we had a lot of drinking catching up to do. OK, fine: drinking, too. What can I say? Their Bloody MarysContinue reading “NNWM/19: Daydrinking”

The Rock That Saved Thanksgiving

You know how Charlie Brown was pissed off when he went trick-or-treating and all he got from every house he visited was a rock? The dude should stop complaining. A rock saved our Thanksgiving. Let me set the scene… It’s Thursday, 1:00 PM. We’ve got a turkey roasting in the oven, pumpkin and sweet potatoContinue reading “The Rock That Saved Thanksgiving”

Kite Therapy

There is nothing more therapeutic than flying a kite. This surprises me. You wouldn’t think such a simple pursuit would bring much joy. All you’re doing is standing there, holding onto a string. The wind does all the work for you. Sure, you have to tug on it occasionally and make an adjustment or twoContinue reading “Kite Therapy”

Tag Teaming, Ely Style

Dear Readers, You’ve chuckled over her comments. You were dazzled by her guest post when I was in the hospital. So, as a special treat, I thought I would team up with the girl who stole my heart for a post while we are together this weekend. That’s right: it’s the one…the only…TARA!! Or maybe I’mContinue reading “Tag Teaming, Ely Style”

Remembering The The’s

Maybe, she says, they’re getting tired of hearing about all this.  But, but…I stammer. There may be some truth to this, but who isn’t a sucker for a good love story? The romantic in me has been unleashed, trumpeting forth furiously and without abandon. A broken record, perhaps, but it still spins, playing the sameContinue reading “Remembering The The’s”