Dollars and Sense

All parents have moments where they feel pride for their children. Last week, I experienced one of those intense bursts of fatherly admiration for Audrey. She had her eye on a new pair of white Converse tennis shoes, and had done some housework in order to earn money for them. “I’ve got enough!” she announcedContinue reading “Dollars and Sense”

It Happened On a Tuesday

I’ve often said Tuesday is the most unappreciated day of the week. Think about it: Monday gets a lot of bad press because everybody dreads it – but at least they talk about it. Wednesday is Hump Day, the halfway point of the work week. People like Thursday because it’s almost Friday (and they getContinue reading “It Happened On a Tuesday”

A Lovin’ Spoonful

We’ve  been back home going about our normal routine for a few days now, though the post-wedding bliss continues unabated. It’s still a novelty to refer to Tara as “my wife,” and I’m sure that will give me a thrill to say for some time. Coworkers joke about “the ol’ ball and chain,” but theyContinue reading “A Lovin’ Spoonful”

Could Be a Fortune Cookie

Do you want to hear something ironic? My freelance writing career is booming these days – a recent development, one that did not occur until after I found a “real” job that I love. And, just like when I was hired here, I wasn’t even pursuing new work. They came to me. Universe, you amuseContinue reading “Could Be a Fortune Cookie”

7 Steps to Writing for a Living

One of my readers asked me a question last week after hearing the good news about my new writing job, and it’s something I’d love to address. I was actually going to mention it in the post anyway, but I was already getting pretty long-winded. A writer needs to know when to edit, too. TheContinue reading “7 Steps to Writing for a Living”

I Killed The Elephant

20 months. 330 positions applied for. 19 interviews with 15 different companies. The statistics are staggering – and depressing. When I walked out the front door of my last employer on October 22, 2010 I never dreamed my unemployment stint would last so long. What was novel and actually sort of fun in the beginningContinue reading “I Killed The Elephant”