NNWM/7: Method Writing

I think I might be suffering from Elvis overkill. I was writing another Elvis scene this evening while listening to Elvis on Spotify and researching the Elvis Suite at Hartland Mansion in Las Vegas. You know how actors like Marlon Brando and Dustin Hoffman immersed themselves so completely in their roles they took on the traits ofContinue reading “NNWM/7: Method Writing”

NNWM/4: Long Live The King

This week flew by. Not surprising, considering I only worked three days. Our orders picked up a little today, so we were a bit busier. I’m just excited that Tara will be back tomorrow! She’ll have been gone a full week by then – the longest we’ve been apart since she moved here in 2012.Continue reading “NNWM/4: Long Live The King”

What’s the 411?

Last week, we paid Audrey to catalogue* our record collection. *As an aside, I realize that “catalog” is the more common spelling of this word in American English, but I prefer the European version. I also favor favour and find colour more colorful than color. However, I refuse to belabor the point and call our holiday Labour Day. I’m funny when itContinue reading “What’s the 411?”

Music To My Ears

I’ve been listening to music all day. Actually, I’ve been listening to music nearly nonstop for the past week. My iPod is getting a serious workout. This all started the Sunday before my trip to Ely, when I broke down and bought a new car stereo from Best Buy. I’d wanted one for ages –Continue reading “Music To My Ears”