1957 Gay

During a recent phone conversation with Tara, I told her that she makes me feel gay. “1957 gay,” I added. “Not current gay.” The truth is, I miss 1957 gay. If you were gay in the year that American Bandstand debuted, you were happy or jovial. Lighthearted. Carefree. Dick Clark was gay. My dad was gay.Continue reading “1957 Gay”


Shit MY Dad Says

You know that Twitter-feed-turned-book-turned-website-turned-TV-show-(briefly), Shit My Dad Says? I am convinced that I could have (nay, should have) come up with the concept first. I would have been rich and famous already, because I gotta tell ya, my dad has come up with some real gems over the years. “I love your parents,” Tara says.Continue reading “Shit MY Dad Says”

Kids Are Like Pets

I was watching something on TV last night, and there was a segment in which the host had his really smart dog fetch him a drink. “Get me a beer,” he said while lounging on the couch, immersed in a football game. His faithful companion immediately jumped down from the sofa and trotted into theContinue reading “Kids Are Like Pets”

I Could Be Plucking Chickens

I’m midway through my 3rd week of unemployment and the reality is beginning to set in. Meaning I’m starting to actually feel jobless, as opposed to being on vacation or having a (really) long weekend. For one thing, the State of Washington keeps reminding me of this fact. Every time I check the mailbox there’sContinue reading “I Could Be Plucking Chickens”