Jumping The Shark

A few days ago, I diagnosed a case of tonsillitis over Facebook. I don’t know whether to laugh about this or consider enrolling in medical school, but it did make me feel all smart and doctor-y. One of my friends messaged me looking for advice because her daughter had a white spot on her tonsil.Continue reading “Jumping The Shark”


Turning Into My Girlfriend

Slowly but surely, I am turning into my girlfriend. I suppose this is natural in any relationship. Spend enough time around your significant other, and you start to absorb some of their traits. It’s not like I’m suddenly wearing heels and carrying a purse – at least not in public – but there are littleContinue reading “Turning Into My Girlfriend”

Why I’ll Never Be A Trucker

I’ve been back from my trip for a week now, and have had a surprisingly difficult time readjusting to a normal routine, both physically and mentally. After going for two weeks with little sleep, it seems my body has been overcompensating in that department. I find myself tired early, and sleeping soundly every night; lastContinue reading “Why I’ll Never Be A Trucker”

How YOU Doin’, Snow Bunny?

I learned yesterday that my DVR mysteriously un-programmed all my series recordings. This is not an insignificant number, by the way; I have come to detest watching TV shows “live” and dealing with commercials, so I’ve got everything programmed. Take Thursday night, for example: I love NBC’s comedy lineup, but I won’t start Community until,Continue reading “How YOU Doin’, Snow Bunny?”