Maybe Dewey DID Defeat Truman

I found out recently that people in Africa are walking around wearing shirts emblazoned with Denver Broncos Super Bowl XLVIII Champions on ’em. Which I thought was a bit odd, seeing how the Broncos got their asses kicked by the Seahawks in this year’s Super Bowl. Sniff. (It’s okay. I can admit it: losing 43-8 is pretty bad.Continue reading “Maybe Dewey DID Defeat Truman”

The Demise of TMI

There’s a new phenomenon sweeping through cyberspace, and maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I just don’t get it: on Facebook, seemingly all my friends are “checking into” places using Apps like Foursquare. I’ll see status updates that say, John Smith is at Red Robin or Jane Doe is at Target. Every night, one of my friendsContinue reading “The Demise of TMI”

Maybe Lisel isn’t a distant cousin, but I still love schnitzel.

All my life, I’ve been told my ancestry was fairly straightforward: Russian on my mom’s side, Czechoslovakian on my dad’s. No matter which way I sliced it, I was descended from poor peasant folk in Eastern Europe. Nothing glamorous, just a bunch of sheep and goat herders struggling to make a living off the landContinue reading “Maybe Lisel isn’t a distant cousin, but I still love schnitzel.”