Hail, Caesar!

Happy Leap Day! Unless you’re a salaried employee, as I am. In which case you’re getting screwed. I’d always had a fondness for February 29th. It’s a novelty of sorts, a rare occurrence, which makes it unique. Leap Day is like┬áthe World Cup or the Winter/Summer Olympics or the Presidential election, a once-every-four-years anomaly thatContinue reading “Hail, Caesar!”

The Demise of TMI

There’s a new phenomenon sweeping through cyberspace, and maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I just don’t get it: on Facebook, seemingly all my friends are “checking into” places using Apps like Foursquare. I’ll see status updates that say, John Smith is at Red Robin or Jane Doe is at Target. Every night, one of my friendsContinue reading “The Demise of TMI”