NNWM/18: Cobain Bonding

What a great way to spend a Monday night.  Records, alcohol, candles, and lava lamps.  It’s cold and windy outside, but cozy and warm in our apartment.  A close game of Gin (I didn’t win) and turkey tacos.  A typical Friday night that has turned into one of our favorites.  Mark calls it our MondayContinue reading “NNWM/18: Cobain Bonding”

What Do You Mean I’m Not Cool?!

I was driving my kids to school the other day when a really good song popped up on my iPod. After doing a bit of air drumming while stopped at a red light, I glanced into the rearview mirror and said, “How does it feel to have a Cool Dad?” The blank expressions on myContinue reading “What Do You Mean I’m Not Cool?!”

Why Yes, I HAVE Tried Geoduck!

Back in August, I shared my new catchphrase with the world. It was cool, it was hip – and it was ironic, since I had never tried geoduck. How could I be dishing out those words, I wondered, when I hadn’t even partaken (partook?) in said delicacy myself. Fortunately, I can now say I have!Continue reading “Why Yes, I HAVE Tried Geoduck!”

Impatience Isn’t A Virtue

Patience may be a virtue, but it has never been one of my strong suits. Given the fact that my girlfriend is coming up for a visit in just five more days, you’d think I’d be able to deal with that. After all, when we parted ways in Ely on September 11th, we had 38Continue reading “Impatience Isn’t A Virtue”

Philosophy In The Tides

Five years ago, I went to the beach. It was a depressing, confusing and scary time in my life. My marriage was unraveling and I felt helpless to stop it. The kids and their mother were in California, and faced with a rare weekend to myself, I decided to take a trip to the coast.Continue reading “Philosophy In The Tides”