Not Quite a Pot o’ Gold…But Close

A few days ago, I received the following email. Dear [first name], Once again we will be hosting a customer appreciation event with a focus on Social Seciurity and helping you prepare when it comes time to retire. Call me crazy, but if you’re holding a customer appreciation event, shouldn’t you make said customer feel,Continue reading “Not Quite a Pot o’ Gold…But Close”

The $47,283.77 Bowl of Beans

There is a belief that eating beans – specifically black eyed peas – on New Year’s Day will bring prosperity. I’d never paid much attention to this superstition, as it’s mainly a belief in the South. Besides, the closest I’d ever gotten to a black eyed pea was downloading “I Gotta Feeling” from iTunes. EvenContinue reading “The $47,283.77 Bowl of Beans”

Do You Believe in Fate?

Do you believe in Fate? Many people scoff at the idea of a predetermined course of events setting the stage for their lives. They prefer to believe in the concept of free will (which, admittedly, is easier to stomach – who wouldn’t rather maintain control of their own destiny? The idea of “The Universe” (orContinue reading “Do You Believe in Fate?”