Hey, Me-To-Be…

Last night my kids were watching¬†La Bamba.¬†The scene where Ritchie Valens accepted an ill-fated seat on the airplane came on, and I said out loud, “Don’t do it, Ritchie!” As if my warning had the power to change the ending of the movie. To stave off the young star’s death. Have you ever done thisContinue reading “Hey, Me-To-Be…”

The Art of the Mixtape

I bought a new coffee maker yesterday as my old one was on the fritz, and this first cup tastes a bit like rubber and plastic. Not sure why – I cleaned it first, and brewed a cycle using hot water as the instructions indicated – but, bleh. Maybe I’ve become used to free motelContinue reading “The Art of the Mixtape”

Getting My Griswold On – Day 7: Bloomington, IL

Miles traveled today: 454.1 Total miles traveled: 2737.0 One Hail of a Storm Before I forget, here’s video of the hailstorm that forced me to pull to the side of the interstate in Wall, SD on Sunday.   I’m telling you, it’s amazing my windshield wasn’t cracked. You can hear how hard it was comingContinue reading “Getting My Griswold On – Day 7: Bloomington, IL”