Outwitting The 420 Brigade

On Colorado’s Interstate 70, mile marker 420 signs kept disappearing, winding up in the possession of pot smokers, who wanted a snicker-worthy souvenir to celebrate their favorite pastime. 420, in case you live under a rock, is a revered number in cannabis culture, shorthand for “let’s get high.” The term was invented by a groupContinue reading “Outwitting The 420 Brigade”

Dolphins Make Me Happy

When Tara first moved in, she said, “I miss working out. We should join a gym once we’re both working again.” “Great idea, dear!” I declared enthusiastically. Mainly because this seemed like a distant threat at the time. Someday the sun will implode and humanity will perish too, but I don’t sit around worrying aboutContinue reading “Dolphins Make Me Happy”